WINchips for the WIN!

I couldn’t be more excited to introduce WINchips!!  How it all started is I was feeling pretty frustrated with the amount of time my children were spending on their electronic devices.  Every morning during the summer months, I would find them still in their pajamas, bedroom a mess, house a mess and just spending way too much time in front of a screen.  I felt like I was saying the same thing day after day. I decided I had to do something more consistent and I needed a system to help in all areas. The things I wanted my children to do included reading, being creative, playing board games, playing outside, cleaning up after themselves and taking care of their personal needs.  

I sat down one day and started planning.  I wrote down all of those things I wanted my children to do and created a checklist.  Then I decided I wanted to reward them for completing the list so I created WINchips. I put this into place and worked out some kinks along the way.  Things have changed so much in my house and I really want to share this success with others!

My children get up in the morning and complete their list.  They make their bed, shower, play outside, read and more all before ever touching an electronic device.  It is amazing how much better I feel to not have to nag anymore. It has been the perfect remedy for our family to minimize electronic use and encourage all of those things we wish our children would do more of!  I really hope others can find success with this system as well!