The Best Chore List For Kids

Benefits of the Best Chore List for kids

As parents, we want to give our kids everything we didn't have growing up, however, many things have changed in the last few years. With phones, tablets, TikTok, Youtube and screentime becoming easily accessible to young kids, it's becoming harder and harder giving our kids the discipline they need to complete their daily chores. Screentime has become a real problem for most young kids in the United States and around the world. We know that assigning kids small tasks and activities can be one of the hardest things parents face. We also know that chores are not fun, but are essential to the upbringing of any child. Some of the reasons that kids should get involved in household chores include

  • Chores allow them to learn life skills
  • Chores involve them in teamwork
  • Chores teach them independence and responsibility
  • Chores incorporate time management skills and improve planning capabilities in them.
  • Chores bond them with the whole family.
  • Chore builds strong work ethics in their personality, which will help them in their future life.
  • Chores allow children to understand the struggles and efforts of their parents.
  • Chores help kids be creative and minimize their screen time.

It is essential to realize that the sooner you incorporate the habit of doing chores, the better. Once your child develops the habit of delaying or negating the daily chores, it will get more challenging to get them engaged with you. You are the inspiration and role model for your child. The way you do your chores is the template they will follow. Please give them a picture of doing all the tasks in an accepting and enjoying way. They will follow you. 


Tips To Involve Kids In Chores 

Many parents might get stuck in how to do get their kids involved in chores. Household tasks are generally dull, and not even adults find in joyful, but these are the duties and tasks that have to be done at any cost, so why not change the way of doing it. There are a few tacts that can be used to get kids involved in daily household activities.


Give your kids choices.

Let the plan be flexible enough for the child not to feel bound or bored. You can make a chore list for kids and ask them to select which one they prefer to do today or every week. Secondly, you can give them choices about when they want to do their chores, in the morning, afternoon or night. This selection makes the job more acceptable for them as they feel relaxed and happy with their own choices rather than them feeling like you're dictating chores. Starting with easy and small goals will help build and involve them in the chores, which can then be systematized and managed according to the daily life requirements.


Listen to your child's complaints.

If your child does not want to do any chore repeatedly or fails to do so, listen to the problem of why it is happening. Understand their problem and help them get out of it instead of scolding them. Maybe you can help them get out of the problem in a better way by discussing it with them.


Get involved in the Chores 

It would help if you were involved with your child (s) chores. Kids tend to mimic their parent's behavior. By showing and helping them do their chores, they will be learning how to start prioritizing their time and how to take initiative with something that was hard for them to do. Praise their good behavior, give them constructive feedback, and take your time with them. Patience pays off! 


Use a chore rewards system 

A good chores reward system goes a long way with kids. Give them an incentive and/or motivation for doing their chores. At a young age, kids have a hard time understand why they should perform their daily chores. They of course don't see how good habits breed good results, but by implementing a good chore rewards system, you can remove a lot of the hurdles of getting kids to take action. A chores reward system will help build good chore habits, not to mention long-term benefits in their lives. 

You can design a reward system according to the chores that need to get done. WINchips Reward System was created to give you the ability to quickly initiate a chores reward system. WINchips also offers WINchips chore reward cards, which gives your child a sense of accomplishment and motivation to do them again and again and again! 

WINchips Chore Reward System


Don't label chores as a punishment.

Never use chores as punishment for your kid. This will help develop a negative attitude towards doing chores. Teach your child that chores are a responsibility, not a punishment.


Get a well-defined chore plan.

Implementing a proper and organized reward chore system has shown to be more effective and easier to implement for kids between the ages of 6 to 12. The WINchips Summer Edition program is specially designed for summer day routines so that your kids can utilize and maximize their time in healthy activities.


WINchips chore list system was designed for easy implementation and effective results. WINchips chore list template can help you categorize daily activities into groups and divide them according to time and priorities. 


Manage a Chore Time

It is good to allocate some time as chore time for everybody in the household. When all members of the family are busy with chores, it makes the work enjoyable and exciting rather than work, and to do it all alone; kids find it fun to work with all family members. It also provides the family with healthy activity and quality family time.  


Getting your kids involved in chores can be difficult, and sometimes parents can make things harder by not having a plan in place. WINchips reward chore system gives you a proper plan and strategy to implement in your home right away. The WINchips chore rewards system puts you back in the driver's seat and helps your kids build good and essential life habits. Happy learning and training with WINchips!

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