The Chore Reward System Every Kid Loves!

A family system encouraging responsibility and increasing our children's ambition to do more like reading, writing, playing outside, being creative and helping around the house while also minimizing screen time.

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Easily Create a Simple Chore System for Your Kids that Works!

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The Best Chore Reward System for Positive Reinforcement

The only chore reward system you need that teaches kids responsibility, positive reinforcement and that their contributions at home are valued.

What is WINchips?

Helps create summer sanity for parents! Motivates your children to do chores and activities without parental frustration. Reduces Screentime. Encourages creativity. Builds family structure. A positive parenting tool that's easy to use!

Here is what parents are saying about WINchips

I’ve been using WINchips the last few months and I’m impressed with how it’s motivating my kids!! At first my 6 year old was the only one interested. She was getting her task finished and asking to do EXTRA chores to earn more WINchips! The boys (10 & 11) are now seeing how it’s paying off and showing interest!
I would definitely recommend trying WINchips


I used this program last year with my kids. It was so nice not to have to nag them to do things or to constantly tell them no on things they wanted. With this program they knew what they had to do to earn fun rewards. My life last summer seemed to just flow so easy. If you feel like your summers are out of control and you are tired of telling your kids things they need to do you should try this.


We ❤️WINchips!! 
We did this program last summer with our kids and worked great at limiting screen time and constantly repeating what needs to be done each day!!
Check it out!!


Check out this system to implement with your kids! It’s easily adjustable to fit your household and child needs! My kids definitely approve

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She is loving it. So motivated and has made life here much more enjoyable for everyone. Thank you!!!!

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If you’re looking for a summer strategy for limiting your kiddos screentime, WINchips has everything you need in one box to get started. (My son) is so excited to start on Monday!

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